Girlfriend breaks up with me for another guy she never met and gives me different reasons for break up?

My girlfriend of 3 months, We was happy together, though we had multiple arguments, she's 18 and I 20, our arguments would always be about her talking to random guys and getting to know them a lot and with people I introduce her too but people I don;t know much, all the guys in the community I play in pro gaming are very dirty and would get at any girl, So me knowing this I was always protective and felt uncomfortable her trying to get to know these guys and random guys period, She would tell me how much she thinks white guys are hot in my face to get a reaction out of me and even my friends would notice how flirty she was, one of the first guys I introduce her to when we first started dating was a street fighter player, I barely knew the guy and after we met and hanged out she asked me to hang out with him and I said no cause I barely know him and its weird, Well later on I let her hang out with him and she becomes really close to him, and even puts a picture of him on her phone, I Find out she likes him and he likes her, But he backs off and I respected it and she gets sad, Later she tells him that she wants to focus on me when I come back from vacation, she would hang out with guys when I'm away, We also have gone to a comic book convention, where she told me she wanted me to stand by her and protect her cause she was scared and wanted protection. So I do that, I go to get a autograph from a movie actor and she ends up ditching me to go to the other side of the big convention. I catch her talking to some guys that I know of but barely know. I get mad for her just leaving me and disappearing on me cause I was very worried, She starts acting extremely laid back like she didn't care about how I felt, and it continued to be that way for a while. She said she went around cause she wanted to explore and not be at one place. when I find out later the real reason was cause she randomly had a mood swing on me and decided to ditch me and turn off the phone cause I was too on top of her, Later we have our distance then get back together later on. It goes good after that but I have to constantly tell her to be careful with the guys in the community cause their dirty . I take her to a tournament with me and she meets all the players. She starts to act very flirty and talks a lot to a lot of players and I sit their and watch, she tells me how much she thinks one of them is cute, she adds him on facebook and tries to get to know him and I tell her no, So we continue to have problems with these things. Last problem she starts talking to this white guy who plays a game called smash, he's the best at his game like I am at mine, we argue cause I let her speak to him but she puts a picture of him and her on webchat as his profile picture. and continues to add other top players, I have a feeling she likes this guy cause she would tell me how cool she thinks he is and such, I tell her to choose between me and him, she tells me he makes her really happy,


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  • First off I want to say is let the girl be happy. That's her decision there's a reason why she chose him. Things happen for a reason.

    From what this whole essay tells me is you seem to be possessive, controlling and insecure.

    I don't believe she was flirty, she was being friendly.

    There's a main difference, she just likes to make new friends and to know what she is dealing with.

    About the comic con, have you ever thought about giving her, her space?

    Here's the thing why bring her into the gaming scene and show her off?

    If I may ask is this your first girlfriend?

    Buddy you need to move on and man up, like seriously.. The relationship is just 3 months, that is nothing.

    Just respect her wishes she is very happy now. Do you know if she is with the guy?

    • That made me realize your topic had NOTHING to do with your story.

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    • give me the link, and I'll read it

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