I always say what I feel! someone out there like me? is it good or bad? :S

I never hold back to say what I feel!

Like when my friend do something that I feel is stupid I say it or when I get turned on by my boyfriend I also say it out loud.

I do respect the fact that everybody is different but when it comes to something I really wanna say I never hesitate to say it.

Like If someone has a ugly shirt I don't say its ugly because for me it doesn't matter what they wear.

But if that person is a bitch I have no problem saying that to the person face to face.

I honestly never met someone that is the same way, everybody around me just seems to get irritated and I just don't understand why? because its good being honest right?

So do you think its a bad thing, is it better to shut up?


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  • Hey, don't forget - you can't say someone is a bitch. You can say someone is BEING a bitch.

    • yea I'm sorry, I mean BEING a bitch! hahah

    • Hey, no problem - but it might not seem like it, but it's a really significant difference. =p

    • never really thought about it hahah ^^

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  • Honesty is good. But, being obnoxious isn't. And that's what it seems like you're doing. Being too obnoxious with your honesty, or so called honesty.

    • okey I understand, I just need to shut up :S but don't get me wrong I'm not this cocky girl that don't care about other ppls feelings because I just want the best for all! and when I say something like ''hey stop actin like a jerk'' I say it out of love but it might come out the wrong way and sensitive people might take it the wrong way =/

      So hard for me but I'll do my best!

    • I didn't say "shut up." I just said you're being obnoxious. Take away the obnoxious tendency and you're good.

    • okey, I'll do my best! :)

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  • Being honest is not about saying every thing you feel, you also have to learn the difference of when to speak and when not to, for instance if your saying things to many times that hurts another persons feelings you will not be considered as a honest person but you will be considered as a shallow person who cares nothing for others, you just need to learn the correct balance of knowing when to say something and when to keep your opinion to your self, hope this helps

    • like I said I respect the fact that everybodys different so I don't judge and so on.

      I neva mean to say things to hurt! But if I in some way feel the need to say something like if someone behaves like a jerk I do! :S

      I mean honest like many girls say '' ohh your hair looks amazing today'' but inside they think its ugly as hell or if they hate me but act like they love me.

      I just hate that, I hate double standards! I appreciate people who dare to speak what they feel instead of acting fake! :/

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    • yeah you got it :)

    • Im sry didn't read carefully, you meant as an example to what I wrote before haahha ^^ whatever I do understand your point! thx hun =)

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