He hurt me & before I finish up with I want to say something to him but what? please help!

Well this guy I really liked really hurt me and in order to get over him I'm deleting any sorta contact with him so that I never hear from him again and I can forget about him.. but I feel that before I go I should leave him a little message like to let him know he hurt me but I'm done with him .. like I was thinking like saying " once a jerk always a jerk " that might no be the right thing to say but that why I'm asking for your guys help .. please?


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  • Take it from me..

    somethings are better left un-said,if he didn't care about you during the time ya spoke he's not going to care what you have to say now.My best advice would be not telling him anything at all, so that will show him that he's not even worth your time.

    • Very true . thanks for the advice .

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