Am I just overreacting?

My boyfriend isn't talking to me. He recently moved to a new location and I haven't heard from him lately. He's been there for almost a week now.

Am I overreacting, or is it normal?


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  • Normal. He moves to a totally new place and doesn't call you? I would think he'd call immediately to tell about his new move and all its joys and negatives. Perhaps call him to see how he is, hopefully he's just been busy with the move. Best of luck!

    • Well, it isn't totally new to him. He moved back to California where he was born and raised. I have tried calling him, numerous times, as well as text to make sure everything was alright and no answer at all.

    • you've called and no answer? sounds fishy to me. if you've tried numerous times to contact him and still get nothing back, I'd just let it go and let him call/text you. the only thing that could prevent him from calling back after this long is that he lost his phone or has been "busy" meeting up with old friends/family etc.

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  • You're not overreacting until you start insinuating, without any basis, reasons why he has been out of contact. Don't do that. That'll be a sure-fire way to insure the contact loss between you becomes greater and possibly permanent.

    Other than that, keep trying.

  • Why isn't he talking to you?

    • I don't know. I try contacting him but he won't ever answer, or respond back to me.

    • I mean, it doesn't take much to even make even the quickest of calls. So, maybe he's just ignoring you, and hoping you'll eventually stop.

    • Maybe.. I don't know what would get into him all of a sudden, we've been together for well over a year. A year and 8 months to be exact.

What Girls Said 3

  • This happened to me too - he's probably planning his breakup or hoping you won't contact him. Long distance only works if the guy is mature enough for it. Haha!

    • Lmao! Love that I get a low rating for being honest.

    • I don't think you got the rating from sounding "Rude" .. I think someone just didn't agree with it.

  • you're not overreacting. Did you try to talk to him?

    • Yes, I have definitely tried talking to him. I'll call but get no answer. I text him everyday but don't get a response. I received only one text the whole time.

    • Then I think you need to send him a final email stating that I'm he doesn't answer and tell you what is going on, then you're going to move on with your life.

  • My advice to you is don't call or text or anything. Just wait because he may be really busy. Wait for him to start first. Or you can just text him I'm just checking on you to make sure everything is gr8! and that's it.


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