Why won't he ever text me back?

We rarely text! In fact we have only texted once in the entire week! I try to text him but he won't answer me!? What am I doing wrong? I am getting frustrated and sad because like this guy! I know you are supposed to wait for the guy to text you, but he never does! What can I say to get him to text me back besides 'hey.'?


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  • ask him to hangout! or say something a little suggestive without being dirty...it will get a guys attention ;)

    • Can you give me an idea of a 'little suggestive'?

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    • no yeah the mall is always a good first place to hangout...its not confining or anything and its a relaxed environment...haha girls need to realize that 99% of guys are actually desperate for a girl that likes them lol. their aren't many guys that have girls crawling all over them (like me) lol jk but if he is one of those 99% I'm sure he would love to spend time with you

    • Thank you so much!

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  • You need to find out if he likes you just ask him.

    • How could I do that?

    • text him and be like '' I like you and I wondering if you would be interested in knowing me better''

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  • ugh, I hate that feeling.. my advice is text him something with a question in it, not just 'hey' because it get's boring, and sometimes I find guys just don't see a point to answering something like that. Also put a smiley. Say "Hey, how are you? :)" or ask him what he is up to. It will get his attention a bit more. By the way, don't text him too often. He will just get annoyed, and that will push him further away. If you find yourself annoyed with texting him first every time, stop for about 3 or 4 days. Trust me, if he is into you in ANY way, he will text you first in that time.. probably sooner. Good luck :)


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