Ex glaring at new guy?

OK here's my thing. My ex fiancée dumped me going on 9 months ago for another women. During this time I have started at the same college they both attend and only (thankfully) see them periodically. I have recently started seeing this guy in my course of studies. While I guess my ex found out because when ever he passes this new guy all he does is glare at him.

Anyone know why? Even though my ex left me would he still be jealous of the new guy I am dating?!

Thanks for your help.


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  • coz he's a dumbass... sounds like yer EX... doesn't want anyone else having you... either that or the 2 dudes have history you don't know about. Either way, either you or your new beau has gotta tell this dude to back off... why should he care... he left YOU, remember? This was kinda funny to me- like he's still in middle school or something... In any case, he has to learn to deal with this... This dude is a f***tard.

    • I know for sure this new guy and my ex have no history. The only time they ever talked was when the new guy and I where just friends and my ex went up to him and said "You know her ... yeah she's crazy, I'd stay away from her" and my new guy just turned to him and said "Actually she's really cool and you are the one that's crazy for letting her go!" ... so it might be that!

    • ur right... I still think he just need a good ass-kicking though. I am so sick of these guys ackn like BITCHES when it comes to women... they whine because they dnt have one at the time, then they wanna ack like pimps, like they hard... buncha pusses. Wish these guys would grow a pair, own up to their mistakes, and quit complaining, giving up, blaming others when things don't go their way...

    • Yeah but this is the only thing he really has been doing, other then on Fridays when I'm in a specific building at the school he circles it with his friends and when I come out with friends he looks shocked and speeds off. Even thou he has been kicked out of school due to grades. He has failed at all the thinks he was doing to better his & his children lives while we were together and doesn't need to be at the school other then to be with his new girl!

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  • Maybe he is not completely over you, or maybe he is trying figure who this guy is and how much better than him that guy could be.

    • That's what I was thinking ... that my ex isn't over me and isn't happy with this new girl he left me for and wishes he could have me back in some way.

    • How much contact do you guys have?

    • We only see each other every once an awhile in the halls or in the court yard at school, we haven't actually talked to each other since July.

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  • He's probably jealous of the new guy.

    Ex-boyfriends, or in your case, an ex-fiancée, usually do get extremely jealous over seeing someone else making "his property" happy.

    **The fact that it's an ex-FIANCÉE, really raises the chances of this being true.**

    He's upset that you aren't still swooning over him.


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