How do guys let girls know they're interested?

When a guy mets a girl for the 1st time hiw would he like her to behave? . .as in the way she talks and acts?and how do you let them know your inttessed?


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  • I'm not sure I would want her to act a certain way, just act natural. I mean, if she was at least a little bit open with what's on her mind so it's not such a guessing game, then that's fine. But something like that isn't acting out of character.

    As for how guys let a girl know, the first thing we do is usually try to talk to her more. We try to find things to talk to her about, or little reasons to make contact with her. We want her to notice us without going all out and saying "Look at me!". We will try to be a little nicer to her. This is where some guys split from others. The "nice guys" will start to become overly nice, while other guys who know not to be too much of a pushover will begin to realize that they might be becoming too nice and pull back a little bit. This is when you hear girls always saying "Why is he so hot and cold?" That's one of the possible explanations why. So if you see him change his behavior but keep trying to talk to you, then it could be that he's really buckling down and watching his behavior. This could come in the form of teasing you, becoming less available, etc.

    In any situation, it's your job to either accept or reject his advances. If you reject him, just let him know and he'll be gone unless he's a stalker. If you accept him coming onto you, then play a *little bit* of the tough game, make him chase you a little bit. But don't play hard to get or he will become disinterested. Make him earn you, but don't make yourself impossible.

    • 1 of 2 So if I guy goes up to a girl leans in and whisper's into her ear a tiger growl, then walks away. 2nd time they met again but they don't interact, but he's in the back ground of pictures taken of her with a smile from ear to ear (she leaves before he can do anything) 3rd time again she leave early but this time he manages to stop her and talks to her (play punches her) but when he talks he keeps covering his mouth (confusion to the girl) as she say's good by he ask's if she

    • 2 of 2. will be at the next function he will be at. So if she smiles a lot at him and looks at him when he talks, but tries to leave (twice) as the conversation goes on. What would you think if you where said guy if said girl interacted like that with you.

    • He sounds really odd. Props to him though for doing a tiger growl the first time he met you though. That takes balls lol. It seems like he's interested, either that or he likes being a joker. But by him trying to keep talking to you seems like he's trying to find a way to connect with you. Who knows, maybe he just likes to make things interesting. I'm about as confused as you.

  • with physical contact, energy and eventually by asking them out somewhere


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