I really like this guy and I just don't want this to end before it even gets a chance to start, advice?

So I have been talking to this guy for about a week. He is really sweet and knows how to put a big smile on my face,and not to mention he adorable.Well it all sounds great , right?Yeah well I'm pretty sure I screwed it all up...just to put it a nut shell :/ So we stayed up really early in the morning sending messages back and forth(which is a normal thing) on Facebook when my laptop beeped telling me that it was about to die.So I told him that I had to go,but I would be right back.The only thing is it took me a little longer to find to my charger than I thought...So when I finally logged back on,apparently he had to.I was going to text him the next day,but I had already texted him first for the past two day(I don't really think him not texting me first was a problem cause we stilled talked for hours and flirted and things like that,but please tell me if you think I'm wrong)and I didn't want to text him first again.Yeah,well he didn't talk to me at all yesterday OR today!Did I do something or Idk!I really like this guy and I just don't want this to end before it even gets a chance to start.PLEASE give me advice!I need help!


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  • Just text him first. I don't think you did anything really wrong. You just couldn't find your charger in time. And its no rule that you have to talk or text everyday so its probably OK. But I do think you should text him as soon as you can and let him know what happened with your charger and stuff and let him know that you still want to talk to him and get to know him. It should be fine. He may be wondering if you still want to talk to him since you didn't get to get back on the computer in time.

    • thanks...he didn't text me back and now I look like a stalker

    • How long did ago did you text? It doesn't make you look like a stalker to me if you haven't even talked to him in a couple days..

  • Just text him


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