Do you think he is cheating?

The girl I'm completely crazy for has a boyfriend of almost one year. Her friend just told me that she thinks he is cheating (kinda hope so) They use to hang out 24/7 and spend the night at each others places but now he doesn't want to hang/spend the night as much. He says he hangs out with a friend but his friend is working when he says they are hanging out. He also just gets mad at her all the time for no reason. When she says something he gets extremely defensive about it. Also he has cheated before not on her but a different girl. She was the girl he cheated on her with. She says he texts another girl all the time too.

I personally don't think they are a good couple. He is a good boyfriend and I don't want to see her hurt if he is cheating on her. They are good friends an I honesty wish them the best.

Anyone think he is cheating? And if he is, what should I do? How do I get the girl in the end if they break up? OR am I just using wishful thinking cause I want her.
Do you think he is cheating?
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