Ex Girlfriend troubles?


Ill keep things short.

My ex and I broke up 9 months ago. I tried to go NC but she would keep messaging me I finally gave in and started responding. Was doing alright then she wanted to get back together, I said no (which I regret). We then became sex buddies for about 2-3 months. She went overseas with another guy who she had been spending a lot of time with (says they are just friends). She would message me every 1-2 days when she was away. We met up 3-4 times when she got back but things would always turn to a fight as I am planning to move in Feb. Didn't see her for 1-2 months in which her mum moved away so she moved in with this guy (still saying they are only friends, and she had no where else to go and she doesn't find him attractive etc.And she is still listed as single on FB) Saw her again last friday, we had dinner was quite nice. She asked me on the Friday for dinner again it was nice and she asked for a kiss after.

We met up again yesterday and it ended in us having sex.

Any girls able to help me out with what's happening? Is she with this other guy but has me on the side?

Im confused, cause before she moved in with this guy she would message me more but whenever I've asked about him she has strongly denied being with him. And if she is why would she be seeing me?


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  • This is a mess @.@ You NEED to have a serious word with her about this, without the sex, without anything and do it properly. All these are really unhealthy. Too much guess work on whether she's seeing someone else or what's going through her head is going on. All these has gotta stop NOW. We don't know for sure what's in her mind with this guy, but is it practical for both of you to have a relationship after you move? And are both of you committed into having a relationship and working things out? If both of you don't have the heart to really make this work, or if she's already seeing into someone else, stick to the break up and the NC for real, regardless how difficult it may be. Hope this helps. x


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