Post-break-up help! He dumped me, contacted after a year and again stopped talking?

My ex-boyfriend spoke to me after 10 months, and now I think it was either to ease his conscience after having dumped me and treated me not-so-good back then. We never had any problem with out relationship. We were together half a year and were intimate. The breakup was clean as well but I went directly into NC. He mailed me persistently for a few months ( which I hadn't replied initially)... and was really , really sorry, like literally demeaning himself and stuff. And that is something so not possible for such an egocentric guy. He said it was weird since I just disappeared into NC, with no contact (probably for closure).However, I spoke to him decently OK, after ignoring the first two mails (he sent 3) over 4 months. He seemed to have been keeping track of what I was up to. I was polite, nice, and told him kept out of contact since I didn't want much to do with him.

He bent a little lower still, and followed that up with a weird text message (not in good taste). I didn't respond to the text but gave an aloof reply to his mail, which might seem sarcastic.

I don't wish to play games. After this, he's suddenly been overtly sexual with other women, openly flirts a lot with them. And of course, he talks crap about me to his friends at our work place. Yeah, we're working in the same building, again.

I feel pathetic after having spoken to him, looks like he was using me for an ego boost. I was polite to let bygones be, but now the power has shifted in his favour where he thinks I'm an ass kisser and he can get me whenever he wants. He has started ignoring me now.

What can I do? I want the power in my favour and his cheap ass friends don't let that happen. I have to face him everyday for next 2 years.


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  • What are you trying to accomplish? You want to be together with him again or is this just a power trip?

    • I thought he'd realized he wanted me back after all those mails and under such a condition, I'd have loved to be together with him since our relationship was nothing but smooth until he called it quits for no reason (he told me some crap about his parents and he kept feeling I was too good for him). But I've realized that he's just playing, after the recent developments, so now it has become a power thing.

    • He is seeking validation for having dumped a perfectly fine relationship with me by talking crap about me to his friends (his friends have never even spoken to me, but they make it a point to rub sh*t in my face whenever I walk by) and we did share our intimate moments, so they have really lewd remarks for me and stuff. So, of course, he's told them about our moments (or maybe added to what was there to show them how he scored with me)... whatever, you get it...

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