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Okay so I posted on here a while ago and told you all about how my fiance may have a daughter that he just found out about. She is two years old and she lives in Ga. We live in Mo so it's hard to do anything ( It's a 12 hour drive) legally its hard to figure anything out because its across state lines so every time you call one state they tell you to call the other. Obviously we don't have the money to go all the way there every weekend or whatever and he really wants to see her more often. He asked me to move to Ga, like within about two months. So we could be closer to her and his family. He was born in Ga. The thing is I was born in Mo and have lived close to my family my entire life. I told him I would go if I could finish the spring semester here because I'm already enrolled here and I will have a degree after this semester. So I want to wait until May and move down there, that is my biggest issue. Do you think it's wrong of me to want to wait 5 months before moving down? Would you consider me selfish? Would you think I was trying to keep him from his child? And do you think I have the right to be a little emotional about him pushing so hard? He says I could start school down there next winter or whatever, but If I take a semester off I have to start paying back my school loan and we wouldn't have jobs or anything when we moved. I'm just asking pretty much what would you do? Thanks in advance.


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  • Well it's only fair that he lets you finish the semester. Right , that is he's daughter but he should be able to wait 5 months. Why go there now and stall your education and having to start making payment on a loan. You are compromising so much by moving down there for him, it should be able to let you finish. you are not being selfish at all.

    • Thank you. I cannot get anybody else to feel the same way. Except my parent's of course.

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