What do you consider moving too fast and scaring someone you like away?

Holding hands on the first date?

Kissing on the first date?

what else?


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  • if you aren't kissing on a first date, from a guys perspective that would be an unsuccessful date. not kissing is a high school thing. but moving too fast is when she wants you to meet her parents really quickly

    • how about if you guys were talking for a wk, is talking everyday too much? How about txting is 4 texts a day too much?

    • na both of those things are fine. good dates end with kisses tho imo...possibly more but I can totally understand if some people aren't down for more on the first date. I can handle more personally haha

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  • Anything past 1st base would scare me a little on the first date.

  • if he's constantly touching me and invading my personal space


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