So is being in a relationship where name calling, abuse and etc etc known as a toxic relationship? how do you move on from one?

Like that shit does hurt people


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  • If you have been in a toxic relationship, realize that that person was like that because they were taught that way from someone else and it is not a personal attack. It's just the way that that person knows how to deal with life.
    Heal yourself by reading "beyond boundaries" and try to start building trust again.

  • It is a slow process. Don't block them. Instead think about all the things that make you happy and feel nurtured that you could easily provide to yourself everyday. It could be some healthy foods, a bathtub, a foot massage, drinking water, tea.. Whatever. And be your best friend. Once you are ready, list all the reasons why you ended up with such a toxic person. You will be alright


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  • You just get on with your life on your own a day at a time.

    • It's not like I have any other option. I just have to knuckle down and get on with my life.

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  • You block all contact with the person, believe that you can do better and you will.


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