Should we break up?

So tomorrow marks the year since my now ex asked me out and it's been making me reflect on my relationship now and how we were. My ex would call me during the break at lunch, before soccer which was after school and then when we both got home. He was the type of guy that like on my period he knew that like sometimes my mood can change easily so he would send paragraphs at night if I was sad. If I was angry he knew like how to make me I don't know happy and forget about things and when I was happy he made me feel even happier. He was like the love of my life and I do miss him but we weren't meant to be in the end. My boyfriend now is a junior and I'm a sophomore and we are long distance. He is a lot different and it kind of ticks me off. I'm not saying like, let me find someone like my ex, but just my boyfriend right now is so on and off. Sometimes he can be so sweet and he'll just tell me he loves me when i do tiny things when we meet up or when we facetime. Other times, it's like he forgets we are dating. School started up again and I take advanced classes which are going to help with college and everything and I make sure that we always have time to talk unlike him. For a while now, he's been making it like he has so much homework and I have none so he can't talk, even when his only homework is math! Anyways, he's been doing tiny things which build up. Like leaving me on read and forgetting to come back, he makes these comments that make himself seem so self important and our relationship doesn't matter. Honestly, I'm just kind of sick of it and the way he's been treating me recently, and it's almost six months on the 30 and I don't even know if he knows my birthday is in a week. Should I break up with him?


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  • Well a massive paragraph of "this ticks me off" isn't exactly a great sign.
    Speak. To. Him. First.
    If nothing improves, I think you know it won't last.

    • this thing has happened like twice and I talk to him yk and we get in this whole communication area but then he just kind of gets like to be an asshole again and it's like I don't know after this, if i talk to him again and its this again its probably over

    • It's not "probably" over. It's already over, so pull the damn plug.
      He won't change and you saying so a hundred times doesn't help.

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