How long does it take a guy to get over someone who rejected him?

He knew I liked him, too, but we knew it would be complicated so I chose friendship. Before that, though, he told me a lot of things and I believed he meant it. He said I was perfect and that I was his dream girl, that he could only dream of ending up with someone like me. He also said that he wants to marry me and that he wouldn't let me go if I decided to date him, despite the complications. He said all of this before I agreed to a first date (which I didn't :() and before our relationship progressed outside of anything but friendship (we've never kissed or anything romantic like that). All of this happened over the summer (about six months ago). He was distant at first after everything happened (even ignoring me at times) and I did all the initiating, but he's finally warming up again. I haven't seen him in all this time, but I should be seeing him on campus soon. He recently said the foremost reason he's cool with school staring back is that we get to hang out again. I'm just wondering how I should interpret this. Do you think he still likes me? How long does it range for a guy to get over someone in this situation? I made the mistake of underestimating his feelings the first time around and it almost ruined our friendship, I don't want to make the same mistake. I don't want to be insensitive if he does still like me and I don't want to be discussing my feelings when he's already over it. It's just awkward and I'm horrible at this stuff. :(


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  • it will take a while asked girl out who was only a friend to her took her 5 months ti just say hi

    • Thanks for the reply. So did it take you or her five months to finally say hi? He did take about three months to finally be okay with communicating again. Maybe it means he's getting over it (and his feelings for me) if he's okay with being in each others' life again.

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    • the time so I chose friendship. In retrospect, it was unreasonable to ask such a question, because how could you know how or if something will work out? He said he would respect my decision, which he has, but he stopped talking to me. It was sad and I kept seeking him out. He's being sweet again and I'm not sure how to interpret any of it. He's asking how I'm doing, complimenting me, saying he misses me, and talking about hanging out. I don't know what to make of his sudden change in behavior.

    • I just saw your comment. So admitting I liked him means he'll take a longer time to get over it? Oh, crap. I kind of said a lot of stuff...a lot of romantic stuff about my feelings. He was talking about marriage and all that so I confessed how I felt, too. Thanks for the reply!

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  • I you have feeling for someone you can never get over them.

    • I think you never stop caring about them, but some of the guys I've had feelings for I no longer think about romantically. I was just wondering if this guy might still have feelings for me in a romantic way. I probably have nothing to gain from knowing, but I nearly messed up our friendship the last time I thought he didn't like me and I don't want us to hurt each other. Thanks for the reply!

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