How to get over someone , things were going great until they weren't in a matter of hours?

Things were going real good. We were getting along great. And it all pretty much fell apart this week. Feels bad man. I have like anxiety and a terrible sadness. It's not even so much her I miss specifically. I mean I do, I wouldn't be so bothered by it. Ijust wish it didn't end on such a sour note. It would be infinitesimally easier. But such is fate I suppose. I knew to trust my gut instinct. But I didn't , and alas this is what happened. I wish I could go back to before I ever met either either of these last two girls. Things were so much simpler and I was so much happier and at peace. I feel I'll never have that again (sadface emoji was supposed to be here, am not using the default website one. Have you seen that thing?)


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  • I'm sorry. What happened?

    • We were just too differant I suppose. Some things we couldn't just agree on. And what drew me in at first turned out to be the thing is end up resenting her for the most. At the time breaking it off seemed like the perfect thing to do. And it was. I know it's for the best. There's a reason it happened. But I feel it could have been handled better. I know I just need time. It's not my first rodeo. I just feel really bad. I'm trying to stay optimistic. It's working out ok. Compared to my first break up this is a breeze. But still sucks

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    • Lol I would if I could. But unfortunately it takes a very long time get to lvl.2.

    • I followed you. Follow me back.

  • So you’ve been broken up with 2 girls for a week?

    • What no. I was single for a while. And then met one and became madly infatuated with her, but in short order found out she was a terrible person. Typical gold digger. With her it was very amicable and it was merely infatuation. Then a short while later I met this more recent one. And at first we hit it off. But I always had a bad feeling about her. We got into a disagreement on a very fundamental issue and went our separate ways because of it. Some things I just cannot compromise on.

    • I ask because you make a point of mentioning 2 girls
      “I wish I could go back to before I ever met either either of these last two girls.” I’m guessing you just haven’t found the right one yet and despite your ode to this not being your first rodeo, I surmise you haven’t had any long lasting fulfilling relationship.. yet. So try to put things in perspective. As for advice to get over someone, regardless of length of time the “relationship” lasted, a week or 10 years, stay busy, fill you body mind and soul with experiences that not only fill your mind from having any space to think of the ex, but experiences that make you feel great about yourself.

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