She broke up with me beginning September... Working on myself and in No Contact... I want her back!!! Any advice?

Hey Guys.

I’m currently in No contact now with my Long Distance Ex-Girlfriend of 3 amazing months (was going to fly out, actually this month to see her and stay with her for 3 months, before we broke up), went through August in a "Pause" (Her idea) was in limited contact during August.

I foolishly begged and pleaded before the “pause”, our Relationship went sour after she snapped at me beginning of August after I woke her up (she has a bad heart and had not been sleeping, and with her added stress at work she ended up in hospital that weekend, she blames me for trying to kill her)

I was in limited contact that month and she was incredibly cold and distant. I asked her beginning of September what was going on... she said nothing was going on, and said she doesn't have time for a relationship. I've been in No Contact for 14 days now.

I’ve started running again, focusing on my work and planning an overseas trip... She also watches my Instagram stories as well, on occasion... and out of curiosity I just looked and saw she goes online on Facebook when I post something... so she's definitely watching me... Not sure what that means... I know she’s stressing... I'm planning on ending No Contact on the 24th September (22 Days) or should I break it earlier say today...

I love her more than anything and she's an incredible woman, we just click... BUT... towards the end of July beginning August things went sideways... I have a feeling (at least I hope) she still loves me, she used to tell me at random times when we were facetiming that she loved me so much… we had a moment when she was walking down her street when it started raining, she had a rough day, I told her how much I loved her and that I couldn’t wait to hold her and be with her in September, she burst into tears and told me she loved me more than anything and couldn’t imagine her life without me, we were this passionate for the months we were together until the 3rd August.

Any advice would be amazing…


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