Do Girls Really Only Want What They Can't Have?

Well in have found myself in a little pickle. I feel like a teenager with a high school problem, but it is really eating at me. I have fallen for someone that has made it seem as though he could care less about me. He hasn't called of tried to get in contact with me in a long time. I think that he went back to his ex but I can't say for sure. There is this other guy that I have know for a little while that has recently ask me out. Sweet guy, but I can't shake the feeling for my ex. It makes no sense at all and its driving me crazy! Its like a war between my heart and my head all the time. Its like my heart literally hurts for someone that could care less if he ever spoke to me again. I have never felt like this before and I'm so lost on what to do...


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  • An ex will always stay with you in memory. You miss the good times and in your loneliness ignore the bad. Acknowledge your feelings, accept them, and move on. You will never forget him. But you won't love him forever either. Depending on you personality, either do something for yourself, maybe even fool around with a few guys when you start to get over your ex(weird advice,but worked for me, made me feel very attractive indeed), just make sure the guys know you're not serious and ***be safe***, or get a hobby, anything that makes you forget even if its just for a moment. Laugh and try to have fun! The ability to care for someone is a beautiful thing, chances are you'll find someone who truly appreciates that ability instead of ignoring you. In the meantime, enjoy single life while you can, one day you'll miss unplanned sleepovers and improvised days out with friends.

    • wow that was really good advice. brought a tear to my eye because its so true! way to go!

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