Very confused with my ex

my ex and I have become friends with benefits albeit we still love eachother, are eachother's best friends etc.basically to ME we are still dating, just without the fighting and without a commitment. In our relationship for some reason I struggled with trust issues that I have worked hard on to get over as I know they are MY issues. Well my ex, I , and a few friends went camping this past weekend and I wonder if I am blowing what happened out of proportion. My ex and my buddy (who is not single, his girlfriend is my ex's friend) made a lot of sexual jokes like "hey lets have an orgy" or blah blah blah, all of a sexual nature. I haven't ever seen her joke like this before (I do not think) but he jokes like this a lot with other girls. I confronted my ex on it asking what's up and she said "i won't dignify that with a response" and said "nothings up, he's my friends bf, I wouldn't hit on him" I also asked if she thinks he is attractive and she said "no, not really,too skinny, not my type" I found myself feeling jealous and akward, not to mention she was sharing our f**k stories with people around the campfire that are personal to me (apologized to me when I told her I did not appreciate it, she said only f*k stories not her making love stories with us she felt she could share)

I feel messed up, we really are not simply friends with benefits, we have more than that, but I just feel messed up. I feel jealous at times, I wonder if we will get back together.and then we fight and I know I do not want that again. the sex is and always has been amazing, the friendship is phenomenal too. I wonder if I am being used for sex? she says she does not want us to get back together because she does not want a commitment nor going back to all the fighting, and that we should "just enjoy what happens rather than over anylizing everything" (which I do)

I know this is long and convaluted, but I am confused, and FULL of very mixed emotions from anger, to jealousy, to love, to impatience, to happiness and confidence. HELP! thanks for your advice in advance
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how can I tell if she IS flirting or it is MY issue? what signs would mean we should consider getting back together?
Very confused with my ex
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