Why is my ex reading my blog?

My ex broke up with me three months ago. We dated for 3.5 years and broke up for reasons I still don't understand (he claimed it's because we "lost the romantic connection" and he "wanted to be single" but couldn't seem to give me any more specific details).

I so desperately want him back, but I've been doing my best to respect his decision until he changes his mind. Despite my best attempts to be nice and neutral towards him after the fact, he has been very indifferent and sometimes hostile towards me. This goes against his nature; he was normally a very sweet and kind guy.

I've attempted calling him twice and emailing him once (in the last three months). No replies.

However, I've been noticing (via my tracking site) he's been visiting my blog almost daily. Sometimes at 3:00 AM even. It wasn't in his normal behavior while we were dating for him to check this so regularly, so I'm understandably confused. Why would he be reading this? What's he getting out of it? What can I do?


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  • If you're sure it's him, then he still has feelings for you, but there might be some things that are pushing him away..

    • I am 100% sure it's him. I am also certain I've done nothing to push him away, as we related perfectly (our friends were always amused at how we interacted so well with each other) and he has had nothing bad to say about me. Also, I know that I'm at least somewhat awesome.

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    • Do you think he might be getting a little insecure of your successes?

    • I doubt it, but then it is possible. He was very encouraging of my desire to return to school and loved to hear about my students. He was also pretty successful himself - has a decent job and is well-liked there. We've both always been forthcoming about how much we love each other and this break-up was shocking to me and all of our mutual friends ("it's so unlike him!" was a common refrain).

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  • (I randomly came across this question while looking for an answer to the same problem...) So I'm in the EXACT same situation: hostile ex who checks my blog at least 4 or 5 times a day. Try not to read too much into it though, because it might just be a habit of his, or he's bored. He might also be just checking to see how you're doing without him and hoping that you're unhappy (I mean, honestly, don't we all come out of breakups hoping to be the better and more successful one?). If you want, it wouldn't hurt to work in a few posts about how much you've changed and learned from the breakup and how you wish you had done things differently, etc. It might make him regret leaving you...I don't know.

  • My ex did the exact same thing and I was sure it was him as well. VERY CONFUSING SITUATION!

    In my opinion he still obviously at least cares about you, otherwise it wouldn't even cross his mind to look. Now how far that goes offline is to be determined.

    Try to sneak in one of your blogs about how much you miss an ex - don't make it obvious though - and maybe that will persuade him. Ya never know. Hope it works out for you! I know how hard it is to miss an ex... :(


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