Missing my ex after 2 years?

I am 23. I was in a toxic relationship a couple of years back, we were together for 3 years, he was too controlling, i compromised in every way i could but i had to part ways with him. We kept contact for until the start of this year. I started dating a guy, who is really kind and helped me a lot through all of this but we are not official yet ( he still talks to his ex ). My ex started dating a girl too and they might get married as their familes have officially met too. I contacted him a week back and then met him at his workplace a couple of days back and had a good 10 mins talk with him regarding life. It was very cordial and nice. I know i need to be thinking of all the reasons why we broke up etc. And even though i am dating this new guy, i still can't stop missing my ex. I have told my date about this too. I wish things could get back to where they were and they could be all good.
Getting a lot of weeping spells. I miss him terribly. I was absolutely fine when i first broke up with him and now 2 years on, i miss him like anything.
Will appreciate any input.


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  • You miss him because he's gonna be a married man, thats it.


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  • 2 years is really a long time to be still missing someone. You might need some therapy at this point to put your past behind you.

  • its not easy at all l more than understand what you are going through

  • So you miss a toxic relationship?


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