Girls, if you contacted your ex after 2 months of no contact?

why did you do it?

Getting back together?


And if after you've made the initial contact and had a brief text convo would you expect your ex to initiate the next contact?

Just trying to figure out my next move here.


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  • really depends on the situation. But I'll only do it if I want him back. That might be because I really do miss him and love him or if might mean I miss him because I'm lonely


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  • She might miss you, or she might just be lonely and wants some attention. I'd assume that she wants nothing more than a friendship just to be safe.

    • Either way I'm going to have to make the next move right?

      Why would you want to be friends with an ex? I don't know if it's ever the same once you've had a history with someone.

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    • Well I've known her around 6 months and we dated for about 4 of those so it's not like we are old friends. Not entirely sure why it ended, it just kinda did and we didn't really have any closure. It's all pretty confusing and made me think about her again which I haven't done for months! Really unsure how to approach this

    • I'd just wait for her to initiate any contact.. You don't want to seem too eager to talk to her after it ended so awkwardly

  • to see if she's over you.

    • and if she contacts you again?

    • After the first contact? Then she's over you and wants to be friends.

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