As soon as you start to let go, they start to catch on. Is this true or not??

As soon as you start to let go, they start to catch on...when they come back (like always) laugh in their face and never give in...they should've realized what they had before they said good-bye..


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  • Damn girl, how many times are you going to post this story? Isn't this like the 7th incarnation? Get over it, move on, find a new guy. Guys like sex. If you let it be known you are ready to join the team I'm sure somebody will be willing to take you on.

    • fuk of ?

    • You could have at least confirmed if my count was accurate, By the way, you need to learn to spell.

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  • I broke up with my girlfriend and never considered dating her again. She even started dating another guy less than a week later and it didn't bother me. I do think its true that, you don't know what you have until you lose it. I just knew what I had wasn't enough and even after losing it I felt fine.


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  • It's so funny that you happened to ask this question today and I happened to read it because for weeks I was in agony over this guy who broke my heart. It was a horrible few weeks, but just as I was beginning to let go of him and started to see other guys, who should get in contact again? Of course him. But I didn't laugh in his face, I should have, but I gave in and allowed myself to care again but of course, he left again.

    • im asking cause

      i dated a guy for 9 months

      and even when he left in august to go to the army

      i stuck by him

      and we hdidnt have sex

      and now towards the end

      he was getting frustrated sexually and really needed sex

      and finally when I was going to give in

      i got my period and he pretty much ditched me the day he was coming home

      didnt awnser any text and calls..and deleted me on fcb

      pretty much broke my heart because he ws the first guy I was giving a shot

      and now nothing..its been a week..

    • Wow 9 months, off course he would be sexually frustrated, What were you thinking torturing some poor guy like that

      To answer your question yes, we don't appreciate someone until we let it go , but with these facts, I'm wondering why he didn't leave after 6

    • well he was in the army

      and I guess he didn't want to pressure me?

      the pressuring began recently..

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