How do you ruin an ex girlfriend?

I was talking with a couple of friends of mine and one of them has just gone through a break up. We talked about it then we started telling him that he should ruin his ex, as she had treated him absolutely appalingly. So my question is, not that I would do this to someone, just a thing I would like to know, how DO you ruin an ex girlfriend? Of course, we have the ridiculous answers such as bang her sister/mother, which would never ever happen, so what are the realistic things that would really hurt you if your ex boyfriend told you/did to you?

Texting her mother/father saying you're worried about her as she's getting into drugs/lots of unprotected sex etc. is always a good one ;)


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  • get a smoking hot new girlfriend. don't play games, show her you've moved on and completley over her, she'll hate it:)

    • Does it necessarily have to be a smoking hot one? I personally think if you get any new girlfriend and treat her amazingly it will destroy her.

  • get a hotter gf.


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