Ladies did you expect your ex?

When you dumped your boyfriend did you expect him or did he text, call, or email you again and again? And if your ex did not contact you at all after the break up what did you think of him? I want to hear about exes who are not abusers or cheaters if possible.


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  • one of the guys I dumped, we both made an effort to talk still becuase we wanted to try being friends. but he was always the one to start the communication. another guy just stopped taling to me and I him. I don't really think differently of either one. but the one that I did try talking to, it was kind of tense and we are still awkward around each other.

  • I didn't expect anything. I'm the one who's dumping him for reasons that aren't his fault, they're my issues. It's always harder for the dumpee in these situations. I give him time and if he wants to get back in touch, that's more than welcomed. if not, I understand too


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