Why would a girl take back a cheating boyfriend or husband?

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I know several friends who have cheated on their gfs and their gfs take them back. Why?

I never understood this since I'm the type of guy who would get rid of a girlfriend if they ever did this to me (throw them out of the house, discard them like a "rabid dog"(bit of strong language but you get the point), w/e) (btw, I would never cheat on them period. I don't play around with relationships since they are relationships and not casual encounters since I think its pretty f'd up and selfish for anyone to do it). I mean there isn't really ever an excuse to cheat, right?


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  • When a woman has been cheated on, she feels used and has a low self value for a long time. As a result, it is difficult for her to see past the point where she last felt attractive, sexy, wanted -- which is usually when she picked up the *git* who cheated on her.

    The point is that in a moment of weakness, no matter how much logic and empirical evidence a guy or girl happens to have on hand, if they're feeling vulnerable because they don't know what it is to truly be loved and cherished -- if all they know is what the git showed them -- then it IS possible they'll accept the git back.

    The problem here is that you start an abusive cycle at that point and it lowers the self-worth of the person who took the git back. It also empowers the git, who will most likely cheat again since he/she "got away with it" the first time. The negative cycle can sprawl on forever...


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  • i like your logic, except the answer you're looking for is forgiveness. if he made a mistake and won't do it again then some girls believe them thinking that they are good hearted and get let down later on, and some aren't.

    but for the ones who are, are very insecure in thinking that they won't find a guy who will want them or treat them better than the one who cheated and came back. as long as the cheater comes back, they don't feel as alone or worthless.

    • I can understand that, but once a cheater always a cheater. Most of my friends brag about it and then start sending some pics and videos like a trophy and they don't feel any remorse whatsoever for doing it.

      I personally don't think there should be a "mistake". I mean why put yourself in that situation. Like If I had a girlfriend, I would not be going clubbin or to bars without her because I know my other brain my regrettably take over, just like how some guys aren't cool about letting thier gf

    • i agree with you're last theory, but there probably is a chance of at least ONE guy out there who cheated and honestly felt sorry about it and stopped.

      i think its unfortunate, but there are a lot of insecure girls that'll do anything that seems like an easier road to take, with "less pain".

  • My husband cheated on me. I still can't forgive and forget. But we are not divorced yet because there is always a hope and curcumstances, due to them we can not just split up. We have to communicate and live together time to time, but I feel that we never get back together...

  • There is never an excuse to cheat on your boyfriend or girlfriend but sometimes people do slip up and make mistakes. Sometimes a girl will take back a cheating boyfriend of husband because they always loved them, and in spite of them cheating, their love for them overpowers them and they look past the awful thing that they did to them. I have never had someone cheat on me, but if they did it would be unforgivable to me. But some girls are desperate, and believe that if they come back to me, it is because they learned their lesson and won't do it again. Some girls are very dependent and they need a guy in their life for support, so they take him back regardless of how he treats her. Why girls will take back cheating boyfriend or husbands is beyond me, but this is what I believe.


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