My ex and his new girlfriend!

My ex and his new girlfriend are coming over to my house to spend new years. Sounds weird well the thing is that his mom and my mom have a strong friendship therefore any parties or get together I have to see him. My ex and I don't talk much. It is really uncomfortable to be around them. Can anyone give me any advice that can help me deal with this situation.


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  • I'm much more comfortable being the family rebel, so I do not stay with any family except for my cousin during such events.

    If you don't want to argue with your mother, well...


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  • Don't think about them too much, hang out with other family members you are comfortable with.. do your own thing, and they do theirs. Just try and look on the positive side as well- smile :) - they are happy and you want them to be happy, with a positive mentality that is not resenting or bitter or too awkward will help hopefully keep your head straight to survive it.


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