Why my ex thinks I'm running after her? or even playing games?

whenever I say,do or even write something on fb she thinks it's targeted to her and it is not true, I'm just having fun with my time and I'm not trying to get her attention or anything.

she thinks I'm playing games and stuff but that is not true.

i don't want anything to do with her anymore.

my life is much better without her.

she only destroy my life.

And I've decided to put her behind me with the past and of course forget about her.

she only makes me depressed and she throw lots of sh*t on me and I shut my mouth a lot and ignored what she said.

but she is getting worse so I started to just act like she isn't there..

this really started to p*ss me off..

like I said I'm not chasing her or anything.

and I think she disrespected me enough..


I Don't know what the heck is she trying to make me say..

what is her deal?


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  • She's trying to make you think you actually want her, in turn, coming back after her. Then her playing some sh*t with you. Sounds f***ed, doesn't it? Yeah... Well, some people that think like her don't think so.


    She's trying to make herself the center of your universe. Without coming out and saying it.


    She just isn't over you, and her making sh*t up his her only way of having you give her any kind of communication.

    But, to just end it all - why not just delete her off of fb? Save yourself any further bullsh*t.


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