Is what I did forgivable?

We aren't in a relationship. We just have a 'thing'. He hooked up with his ex, and I forgave him. We agreed not to do stuff like that. I went to a party & I was a little bit out of it.. I hooked up with some creep, who apparently always takes advantage of girls. I know it isn't his fault, it's mine. Now the guy I have a thing with is really upset and hurt. Is there anything I can do/say to help or try to fix what I did?

Thanks for the answers guys :) that's really helpful.I sent him an apology letter, I am really trying my best to get him back. He said he thinks it's best if we don't have a thing with me anymore.. I feel really terrible. But thanks for the answers.


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  • My last girlfriend used to drink. I went to a party with her and saw how she acted. I told her if she ever did something *bad while drunk, I wouldn't forgive her. She told me she didn't even remember what she did that night.

    I personality think kids that drink are pretty pathetic. Are you to dull in your life to have fun without alcohol. I have been to many college party's and these kids still drink until they collapse. In his shoes, I would only accept you back if you promise to never drink again. You obviously can't be trusted with alcohol. I respect that you consider it your fault. You don't blame anyone else but yourself. I can't stand people saying they forgot how they acted because of how drunk they were.


What Girls Said 1

  • Since there is no agreement on a relationship, you're still single and it should be forgivable. I don't even believe that you should have to feel bad about it. You aren't "tied down" to him.

    On the other hand, if you two were talking about starting a relationship, you have to admit... You'd be pretty hurt and unsure if you were in his position.

    You obviously care about the guy, so assure him of that. Make sure he realizes that there will be no chance of this happening again, and you weren't in your right mind set at the time. Also, if I was in your position, I'd probably say something along the lines of - "I know 2 wrongs don't make a right, but you did hook up with your ex before... And nothing is 'official' between us at the moment, but if it ever were, I would never do this again."

    I appreciate you taking responsibility of the situation! I hope everything works out for you and this guy. :)


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