Where do we go from here?

We were together from 1999 to 2009 and broke it off because he wasn't ready to start a fam... we remained romantically involved until March 2010. We share 3 dogs, so I see him often (2-3 times a month). we still have keys to each other's houses. we go out for each others b days and talk about how we still love each other. his guy friend won tix to HI and he's there now, with a group of 4 or 6, including someone he describes as a friend... and "its not serious, I know it seems serious because of the trip, but its not". up until now he's said he doesn't want to date anyone, so I was floored and its been really heartbreaking to know he's there with her. before he left he said he'd like to go to dinner when he gets back and he misses me. HOW DO I PROVE TO HIM THAT WE SHOULD BE TOGETHER? WHAT DO I DO/NOT DO? don't want to waste the opportunity to be happy with him again!


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  • Try to answer the question of whether you should be together to yourself. Maybe, you don't have to. He wouldn't have left on vacation without you, if he was really in love with you. There may be other men waiting for you to come into their lives.


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