What can I do to let a girl believe that I can do anything just to stay together...??

i met that girl in a restaurant with mutual friends... I like how she talk and how she think... amazing person...


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  • Your question is a little confusing. I don't understand if you just met her or you already know her and you want her to like you.

    Either way, you can't make a girl believe anything. Females are skeptical creatures when it comes to guys as it is. I think you should just continue being yourself around her. Flirt a little bit to remind her you like her and you're not trying to be just friends. Overtime she will get to know you and then try asking her out again. If she enjoys your company, then she will say yes.

    Communication is key. Communicate that you like her verbally and physically, and she will believe anything you say.


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  • ask her out

    • i did it before... but I'm asking what I can do to let her believe...

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