What are some signs your ex still loves you?

My ex girlfriend has been sending me weird mix signals here lately. We broke up in August but was still in contact with each other till October then we went to no contact and she got with this new guy. Well two weeks after we went to no contact she found out that I was dating and she totally flipped out about it. Then she sends me a message saying that the song "Never Told You" made her cry. Well two weeks ago out of no where she messages me on messenger at like 1 in the morning saying that she was glad I talked to her and then a week later at 1 am again she pops on messenger again and says I just re-added messenger to my phone and saw that you were on and wanted to say hey and we have mutual friends and I guess they went to dinner with her last Saturday and she kept asking them what I have been up too. So I was wondering what are some for sure signs that your ex still loves you?


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  • Shouldn't you be more into your new girl? I don't mean to sound tough but it seems like you're the one still in love. If you aren't still in love focus on your new lady, if you are don't keep your new girl(don't string her along) and talk to your ex about your feelings


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