Tells me he likes but then gets back with his ex?

So I've been liking this guy for a while now and I was just to give up on him when he finally admits to liking me ... To his ex? He told his ex, who told my friend, who told me he's been liking me for a long time. I found it very odd for him to tell this to her. She even got him to talk to me because apparently he was intimidated by me (since I am older etc). After he finally talked to me through text and told me that he liked me I admitted my feelings to him. We continue to talk for the next couple of days and I made an effort not to seem like I was dying for him to ask me out (which I was). The thing was he wouldn't talk to me in person only through text. But after about a week he stops talking to me completely. Next thing I know he got back with his ex.

Doesn't tell me a thing and now he totally ignores me. I just don't get it! What did I do wrong?

His friends act like they hate me and even his best friend (who's a girl) always glares at me. What did I do?!

The other day I found out he was planning on breaking up with his girlfriend because he found out she was cheating on him. So I thought that this was my chance to talk to him but he ends up telling me he was too busy to talk...

I always catch him looking at me but then he acts this way? I don't get it.

Is he over me and I should just move on? Or may I still have a chance.

And yes we are dealing with teens here >_<

Sorry for the ranting.


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  • Well the truth is he likes you but he also wanna have some fun. It's like he took you as an option. That's it. Now you stop liking that guy. If the guy gets to know that you like him too, he might wanna go to a relationship with you after he breaks up with his ex.

    Be 100% sure that, after he breaks up with his current girlfriend, he will definitely try hitting on you and some other girls too. You really don't want a guy who tends to like random girls when he's single right?

  • You said "I always catch him looking at me" which means he does indeed like you. It also sounds like he's intimidated by your looks since he avoids face to face interaction. As far as him going with the other girl she just probably conveyed more interest in him than you did so ultimately he decided to be with her.


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