Is he lacking of attention?

Why does my ex like EVERY SINGLE PHOTO his friends post on Facebook. May it be girls or even guys. Lol wtf he barely liked anyone’s post when we were together. Is he lonely now? 😂

Ps: he has no pictures on his Facebook so it’s not like for like thingy. Is he lacking of attention?
  • He’s definitely lonely now
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  • He’s trying to be famous
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  • He has nothing better to do
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  • I do that too lol
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  • He's probably just really jobless now and has nothing better to do than like photos on Facebook... It could be that he's lonely but not that much... He probably is seeking for attention though...


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  • Seems like you want his attention. How do you even know he likes every pics his friends likes? lol

    You stalking him or what?

    • Lmao I just checked up on him and every single person he has on friendlist he liked their pics lol I mean I only like what I like not just everything. But yeah not my business anyways I just find it funny lol

  • Why do you care?


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