It has been two months already can my ex still come back?

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  • He could, but if you keep holding on to that idea you'll just hurt yourself. Focus on moving on and building your own life. If its meant to be he will snap out of it, if not someone else will notice after a while and you'll be in a better position to move on it.

    • Thank you. I’m trying it’s just hard. I’m sure I’ll grt there

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    • I know you weren’t judging. Thank you 😊 I hope eventually I just let go. Some days are easier than others and I feel ok

    • So the good news is over time you'll have more and more of those good days until one day you wake up and realise he hasn't even crossed your mind in weeks.

      So long as you're trying to move forward itll happen eventually. Keep your chin up.

Most Helpful Girl

  • As much as I believe everything is possible, I hope asker won't wait for him to come back, because people are complicated, the breakup was for a reason -- if the issue hasn't been addressed properly and fixed permanently, there is great chance you will get hurt again.

    • The issue wasn’t so much with our relationship as it was outside forces... which are bound to change. But yeah i shouldn’t be stupid and wait around.

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  • Absolutely possible, just meet up with him, dont talk about what happened, don't talk about a relationship, just be the girl that he fell in love with and have fun, kiss him and let him fall back in love with you, let him bring up new relationship talk

  • Yes Iv had people come back after a year but it’s never the same id carry on with your life as bad as it’s sounds enjoy life

  • What's the point of asking this kind of question without providing any context? How is anyone supposed to know?

    Unless you assume that there's some universal timer which states that after X amount of time, an ex can come back.
    Which, of course, is not the case.

    • lol it’s a huge long thing so I guess I was asking in general if it could happen not necessarily for me

    • It could or it couldn't happen, that's the answer.

      If your issue now is that the answer is basically yes and no, then that's because there's no other way to put it.

    • I was just asking if it’s oossible... so I guess that’s a yes lol

  • No, you have to face the reality. It's tough but practical.

  • I seriously doubt he will since 2 months have already passed. If your exBF was going to come back he would've by now. Things happen for a reason and this is a sign for you to move on and begin a new chapter in your life 😆


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