Can't get over my ex?

I've been apart from her for 4yrs and she's already moved on had like 6 bfs since me I've had 2 since she left and she was my first everything like first girlfriend. I was with her for two years we did everything together why can't I f***ing just get over her already.


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  • Think of when things ended. Was it mutual? Was it unfair to one person? Did you have any closure? Probably getting rid of stuff that she gave you/ reminded you of her or at least shoving it in a box somewhere. Was it understood why the break-up occured? She probably really meant a lot to you and you don't think you could ever find that again. Or maybe that period of your life, you were really happy. I don't actually have much experience in this, but I'd say try to repress memories, don't look her up, forget about her. Think of yourself and things that you do that make you happy. It's been only a month of break-up of a 2 year relationship... and it is hard. Good luck!

    • i try to repress the memoriees as hard as I can but no matter what she always somehow will pop back into my head when she's least wanted in there

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