Is the ball in my court now?

Things happened today between my ex and I, I found out some stuff and we talked. I left her house and went home. I texted her mom asking if her daughter was OK, she said she's been quiet lately, then she sent another text later saying that my ex has been in her room, lights off, watching TV keeping to herself. I found that surprising. I called my ex later on that night, told her this: "I know I'm the last person you want to talk to right now but I feel you need to know I'm gonna leave you alone from now on and move on with my life. I'm gonna respect what you want and leave you alone." She says, "But I never said I wanted you to leave me alone, I mean, when I text you I would like you to write back, and if you text me, I won't ignore it". Which is really odd cause she's ignored me in the past. After I told her that, she cried. Then she tried talking nice to me! She was telling me stories and trying to be friendly, I was like WTF. So I asked her what she would say if I told her I was on my way over, she says, "I think it's too soon right now, but maybe later"! WOW...We hung up, she then texted asking if it was okay to text instead of talk, I said sure. She wrote back but I ignored it. She then texted a hour later asking if I got home okay. She thought I was on my way over. But this is the first time in a while she's asked if I got home okay. What's going on? Is the ball in my court now? Do I have to ignore her now to drive her crazy and get her to come running back? Please help...


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  • Wow... sounds like me and my ex. haha

    Ok first of all, she obviously is still hung up on you. She still loves you. Just be nice to her, she'll come running back if you give the initiative.

    Also I hate it when guys suggest they're gonna come over, and we say no, and they don't. HAH.

    Girls just think, well come over if you come over, if you preface it, we'd have to politely decline, when all we want to do is SEE YOU!

    Next time, just come over unannounced. That's ROMANTIC with an R.

    • By "giving the initiative", do you mean allow her to come back? What steps besides being nice should I take. They say you'd be surprised how absence makes the heart grow fonder, so should I follow this. If I told her I'm moving on and she all of a sudden acts nice, then should I act like I really am, so she'll believe me and come running back once she realizes I'm not gonna wait around?

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