My ex texted me for the first time in 4 months. What happens next?

I was in a gut-wrenching 1 year long-distance relationship with a guy I had a lot of feelings for. We broke up because I said something stupid (told him I hated him for using me) but then apologized and devoted a month to trying to fix the fact that I said it. Offered to come see him for a month and he told me that I wasn't what he was looking for and wanted nothing more to do with it.

So I avoided him for 4 months (no contact, Fb looks, nothing). He just texted me " Hey, merry Christmas.It's been a while and hope we can still be friends". I'm really scarred of the situation.I still have feelings for him and I'm not sure what to do. What happens when you become friends with an ex?


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  • so basicly me I had the same situation same distance and same thing excepte I text my ex on Sunday and I texted she got happy long story short she called me I told I love her accidently now how doese that happend god nos. but basicly after that I was talkin to her and then out of no where she told me babe and all this so you get me this is hard. like I told her to keep it cools as friends but the reaosn y is beacuse I love her too much to loose her again so bascily I couldn't make it offical except she wanted me back she told me al ot of things.

    but my recomdation for you is to think about it if you love him then you should go for it like really it better to try then to be mess up like he text you for a reason it can be he missed you for any reason look at me I miss my ex but you gotta see it that you miss him maybe this is your chance and if God wants then then lit it be if not He will still reamber you don't worry l

    • Thank you. I will approach with caution. Keep me updated on you and your ex. I'm curious.

      Why did you break up with her?

    • well the first time we broke up well it was a dumb reason well it was my fault so I WAS a gangbanger and she found out. she asked me if I was a Gangbanger and I said no so basicly I lied to her. she found out cause she send one of her friends up to me so yeah that was it that was the first time

  • I'm in a similar situation. My ex texted me after 2 months NC and I really wasn't expecting it. We texted for a few hours and it's left me confused! I'm not sure if she has text out of lonliness/ friendliness or even boredom but like you I am wary and confused about what to do next.

    Don't even try and be friends if you are not over him. You don't have to tell him this but (at least because of the distance) you can keep contact minimal. And if he keeps repeatedly contacting you then I'd guess he maybe wants more. But I don't think you can be friends with an ex unless all feelings have disappeared.

    • I do agree with you. I think if I am to be friends with him I should keep a good distance. I'm not thinking much of it because everyone says "Merry Christmas" (right?) but our anniversary is on Jan. 1 so I'm wondering if these things are crossing his mind.

      As a guy, if you had a girlfriend and she was your first sexual partner, a good friend, and longest relationship you've been in, do you think you could get over her in 3-4 months?

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    • sure if we were living closer then the feelings would still be their but you can't guarantee what'll happen in a year or so

    • Sigh

      I hope it works out for you and me.

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