Do you trust "signs" that someone likes you?

Would you make the next move on signs? No word of mouth evidence that they like you.

Like extended eye contact, being really nice to you, etc...

Seems like when I rely on signs I am wrong about the person liking meme. Or they are lying for some reason. Maybe for one he had a girlfriend. But I wasn't sure of that. No I am. He never denied the staring. Just gave a lame excuse for y.


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  • Hints are helpful, but I don't base all of my decisions on them. If I like someone, I'll tell them, regardless of how I think they feel/act. Some people don't, simply because they are afraid of getting hurt, but I don't think this method causes someone to get hurt more. I think it just speeds up the process. That's kind of just my outlook on it, though.

  • Some guys keep their feelings very hidden for a variety of reasons. I do pay attention to body language. However if I like someone and hope that they like me, I will let them know by saying things like I really enjoy your company, you are awesome etc. In other words I try to make it very easy or safe for them to make the next move. If I still don't know for sure after giving them every chance to let me know they like me, I will straight out ask them. I start by saying "can you just shoot me straight, do you like me more than just a friend?' Good relationships are built on good honest communication not second guess hunches and assumptions. Unless you are an expert body language reader, I would not solely rely on that. Sometimes not knowing for sure can be a defensive mechanism not to experience rejection. Better to get in the habit of directly asking when time is right rather than look for signs


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