If I want to move to Taiwan how much money should I have saved up?

I'm planning on going to school (University) in Taipei, Taiwan and I was wondering--outside of school costs--approximately how much money should I have saved up for regular living in Taiwan? (Preferably in US or Canadian Dollars please.)


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  • I live in Taipei. For food, it's like $1.5-$10 US dollars per meal to dine outside. And we dont charge tips for general. If they do, it's 10%.
    For renting a studio, it's around $300 per month.
    For transportation, it's pretty cheap unless you are going to other cities.
    For laundry, $0.3-$0.7 US dollars for washing machine, and mostly $0.7 US dollars for dryer.
    In general, the cost in US is three times as expensive as in Taiwan.


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  • Honestly, I have no idea...

  • a lot. things are ridiculously expensive there...even more than the US


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