She just texted me and I haven't heard from her in 3 months, what do I do?

Said she was just being nice but I know it's BS...any takers on this one?


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  • lol you drop her, and then for jokes, send her a random text saying that you were just trying to be nice

    • ouch, but I like it! lol thanks for the advice

    • no problem...breaking up and making up over text messages, if you think she's really worth it then do it...but chances are she had an underlying reason to text you so randomly after 3 months. good luck :D

  • just text her back see what is going on...she might just want some closure...

    • what if are previous relationships were like this tho? Like we broke up and got back together because of these random's weird...

    • you just need to ask her what is going on and let her know where you stand...that way if you don't want another relationship with her then she knows where you stand and if it's bugging you then she may drop it.

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