Why do girls say one thing and do another? like leading you on...

so a while ago my ex and I started to hang out. trust me I didn't want this I already made the decision after she broke my heart twice over the same guy.I know I'm foolish, but she brought up everything in the books to seem like she was legit and wanted something real again.it was a few days I kept turning her down to hang out she always brought up "but I thought you'd always love me" so I responded no this is going to be a waste of my time and heart I know it I cannot be friends with you. and she told me "what if I wanted to be more than friends?" she said a lot more things that made it very convincing to hang out with her again because deep down I wanted what we use to have together and she convinced me she wanted the same.so after a month of hanging out we both agreed that we felt a real connection again.but..i don't know where it went wrong but I found out she was going to her ex boyfriend house with some friends I got upset and she said she did not go there for him but with some friends.i let it go but then I found it it was heppening on a regular basis so I was like okay this stops now and guess what, she fought so hard trying to make me believe that it wasn't like that so I said okay lets take our friendship to the next level she said she wanted to remain friends so I put an end to it.thre was about 3 days of her calling me crying telling me that she needs me in her life and its not like that. I couldn't believe it so we stopped I stopped answering her texts and calls and 2 days later I see her driving with her ex boyfriend by themselves! now I've thought about every theory every detail that why this had happened why someone could play me so hard just to go back to their ex. and why would she tell me that she needed me in her life that I meant something to her and why would she even say that what was going on between her and her ex meant nothing when I know now that they are dating...i asked for closure from her and said there is no closure for me...the reason exact words "i don't want you to be with anyone else" WTF someone explain please both guys and girls. don't tell me to get over it, because I am I'm just not over how someone could actually do that, to break my heard for the 3rd time leaving me with no answers...


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What Girls Said 1

  • you know you were played.

    she played you.

    I was played also.

    he was so convincing but he was talking to 2 other girls than me.

    right when we broke up, he was with the other girl.

    I was like, thank God we aren't together because obviously he was just playing me.Then I moved on,


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  • it's all too easy to label someone heartless but I'm struggling to find another word for your ex! But their is no point in trying to work out why as more often than not you won't find any good out of bad situations. It only seems fair to analyse the situation but chances are you'll never find an answer. I know you are moving on and it's what you need to do but don't waste too long contemplating these past events as it'll keep you feeling down. It's not down to you to evaluate anything. Just never go back!


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