How to tell if you've broken, sprained, or damage a nerve on your pinky finger?

I was cleaning the other day and I bent my pinky finger on my left hand at the joint on the tip of the finger. It bent completely sideways to the left but went back to normal. When it happen it hurt like hell but now its just a little pain. The finger got swollen and numb, it is pink at the joint with a red dot right in the middle. Its still a little swollen and numb. I can move it and bend it, but it feels awkward stiff and tight. It also seems a little crooked like my nail is going sideways. I don't know if I should go to the doctors if nothings wrong with it. Everyone says if its broken I won't be able to move it but apparently you can move a broken finger from what I've read.

My hand also feels tingly.


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  • I think you should just see a doctor..he will possibly help


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  • It sounds like you've fractured it. Just because you have mobility in your finger doesn't mean it's not broken. See a doctor.


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