What does it mean when an ex says "I don't know if I would be a good boyfriend"

We were together for 3 years on May 2010. I broke up with him in for some reasons that are too long to write on here. We still love each other very much and we still see each other since we broke up 7 months ago. We had a big fall out 2 months ago because I went out on a date with a guy and he found out and exploded.

Mind you, I didn't do that to elicit jealousy from him (I had been very busy and this bloke asked me out, so I said yes just to get). Before I went out on the date I told my ex that I would like to be back with him for good if he would take me back. He said that he loved me very much (I believe him with all my heart) but he doesn't think he would be a good boyfriend to me. He is a very busy man who saves peoples lives and it was because of this that we had problems in the past. But I feel that we could work past it now as we had a long conversation about his job and things.

We aren't enemies, but great friends and I honestly cannot see myself with out him anymore. But I'm confused by his actions and words because we have been intimate about six times since we broke up and yet he tells me he wouldn't be a good boyfriend to me.

2 weeks ago I went over to cheer him up because he didn't get a job position he applied for at his work place, so I brought over some food for him cause he was really down and I made him laugh and cheerful. He smiled for the first time in a long while. He told me that he wanted to "make love". I said no because "I would have to call you my boyfriend tomorrow then, are you okay with that?" and that's when he replied that he wouldn't be a good boyfriend to me right now.

He says he loves me and misses me. I say the same as well because I do. Any input guys? Thanks

He says he wants to be with me, then he doesn't know, then he is unsure what happened between me and the guy I went on a date with(nothin) then finally saying he wouldn't be a good boyfriend all this while trying to get me into bed. I'm confuse.


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  • kinda the same crap that I'm going threw look when you love some one so much that you don't want to loose that pearson. yet your feelin of them being with someone eles makes you feel like crap when you c that pearson with someone else. you no deep down inside that you love that pearson except you don't want to loose them that y you can't make it offical for crap you just don't want to loos that pearson yet you want to be them that how he feel s comon you guys were togethor for like 3 years and so then you guys are still conected look at me I was sprung on my ex still am but only to an extent now that excatly the way I feel


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