IS there a guy / girl rule that you keep all contacts & hook ups first few months of new relationship?

Is this true that there is an unspoken rule that you keep hook ups, fwbs, ex girl/boyfriends for the first 90 days or so into a new relationship? Also, what is the most extreme you went to hide or disguise this on your phone, email etc to not get caught. And if you ever did this, did you ever get caught and did you even care?


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  • No, where the hell did you hear that?

    • There's no rule about it, or anything else when it comes to dating. Rules are put there by people who want to sell you books on how to get a man/woman. Some people do it because they are either unsure of their relationship, some because they want a relationship from one person and sex from another, some because they believe that until they are married they can f*** whomever they want, wherever they want, and on and on.

      So no, not a rule, and I certainly don't do it, but others do.

    • She asked if there's a rule; there isn't.

      Lots of people doing something doesn't make it right.

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