Awkward conversations?

Well, lately I've been talking to this girl and I like her and she may like me back because I asked her out on a "date" and she said yeah and we don't really get the chance to talk a lot but when we do, we end up talking for hours. one time we even talked from night to morning. Anyways, the conversations are good when we talk but I'm afraid that later on, we might not have much to say and one second we talk and the next we just stay silent. I'm not that experienced but I know this will happen because it happened a lot. (with other girls from the past)

edit: my question is how do I prevent this?


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  • That's why you don't spend an entire day talking over the phone lol. Learn from your mistakes. As far as having something to talk about, make a short list of topics that are fun and interesting as well as stories. You can write them down on a small piece of paper and keep in your back pocket which you can pull out when your away from her.

    • lols, thanks for that. I didn't know if that comment was a joke but even if it was, I would do this

    • No way man, I know it sounds silly but it works! When I would go to clubs or bars I would keep a small note in my back pocket with 10 different topics and stories and I would pull it out when I was in the bathroom.

      Good luck =)

    • haha, great advice. thanks! (:

      i always tend to just ask random stuff like "have you seen any good movies lately" or anything that comes to my head and hoping that the convo won't run to a dead end.

      now I have a format :D ty!

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