Is having days long text conversations?

Conversations that last for 2-3 days over texting (with breaks in between replies of course) interest or what? ... What if they're an ex?
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  • i'm not sure , was there other ways he could of contacted you instead or was texting the only way ? I guess I just sort of wonder if he had other options like phone , in person , online etc . and was there something keeping him busy like work or school ? why was he glued to his phone

    • I'm really good friends with his sister and she's protective so texting is the only way to communicate without her butting in

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  • A guy does not invest time if he isn't interested. Now, what he's interested in...could be something more, but could also just be him stringing you along...

    • strringing me along for what?

    • He might want to keep you around, because he likes the attention. It makes him feel good about himself. Also, he may think that some time down the road, he'll want to have you in his life, so he needs to "keep it up", so he won't lose you.

  • I think the guy's interested..

    • how can you tell

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    • By the way, You're really nice haha.

      I know that's a little random but most people on here are really critical of everything and you're surprisingly positive thank you!

    • Omg! That was like the biggest sign ever, he totally likes you. That's not just coincidental, those feelings are for you! And haha, thank you very much. I appreciate it. Ur a really nice girl, so I hope you stay happy and get this guy, if your interested in him haha

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