Do you believe people move on as quickly as they say they do etc.?

I find there's this stereotypical view of men especially stating that they move on really quickly if they are the dumper or dumpee. Strangely, I believe men actually have feelings and care. There's numerous reasons why relationships fail. Example, when me and my ex broke up we were still in love but we argued too much etc. He acted liked he'd moved on and one day called me crying. It was so confusing. I realized it takes everyone a while to move on despite what they say or do. I pretended I was brilliant and make sure that's what he believes but I still think of him from time to time, and miss him. Not that he'll know that :p

I think there's an exception if the relationships abusive or one or both are genuine out of love.

What do you think on people moving on?

Do they really do it that quickly?


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  • Yeah I think people can move on and quickly depends on the person.

    Hmmm a trick I found some people do is actually get over the person before they break up.

    They start distancing themselves from the person (emotionally) and pretty much do the grieving period (so to speak) before they actually end it. So when they break up they're already over it.

    Some people do care afterward just don't want to show it and (try to) block the feelings out and some people don't actually care.

    • I completely agree. Unfortunately, I can admit that I have done that. My ex' was really strange and I could never work him out, so I just stopped contacting instead.

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  • I think some people really do move on that quickly but others are just lyin to either make themselves feel better or they want to seem stronger than they really's probably about even

    • I guess so. I guess this questions skews bugged me due to my ex. To be honest, he'd never show his true feelings to anyone. Only time I saw him shed a small tear was at Gran Tarino. Well, except for the crying on the phone thing.

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  • i believe people actually can move on extremly fast. some just make it seem like they have moved on, and are actually still hurt and miss their ex.. but have another girlfriend.. everyone is different


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