What is going on with my ex girlfriend's mind?

Started talking to a girl from my home after I moved across the country. In a month we have gotten serious and became a pair. Prior to us talking she's ended a 6 year relationship with a kid 2 months before. She has been all over me initiating the "love yous" and sending me shirts/ buying me plane tickets. After 2 months together, for my second time I flew home for 2 weeks and stayed with her at her. The beginning of the trip she was all over me and by the end she broke up with me without me seeing it saying a part of her wants to be single. It started at a club we all got drunk and everyone including her sister was confused why she was ignoring me and jut dancing with guys, Eventually I confronted her and she gave me a bunch of I don't knows... Back home she was all over me and then the next morning I brought it up which got her all distant all day and again that night she was all over me and the next day was when she texted me that wanted to talk.

For the next 3 days she's continued to text me and facebook me like nothing has changed. Saying things like she wish she could have sex with me. We had a couple more talks, she's told me things like "if I loved you, then why would I want to be dancing with guys when I was drunk at the club" "Maybe its the distance that made me want you? I wanted what I couldn't have." Then a week later we had another talk and she said she ran into another guy right after we broke up and he falling in love but I don't want anything. She later questions our "meant to be" if she ran into him. That night I received many text messages from her with insomnia saying she misses me and how her heads all messed up and that she kind of ished we never were together so I wouldn't be hurt. Ended it with her saying she thinks her ex bf of 6 years with the kid killed the part of her that believed in true love.

A week after this convo with no more talking, she got in a relationship with him.

What is going on with her?
shes 25 and I'm 24


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  • drop her. Why bother?


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